Friday, April 21, 2006


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Simon and Kirby
Spider-Man Stuff
Star-Studded War Comics
The Horrors of it All
Treasury Comic: The Blog

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Simone said...

Are you interested in helping inner-city youth interested in comic books thrive through our Campaign for Reading and the Arts?

Well here are a few ways to help out:

- You can become a fan of the Affect for Kids Facebook page and suggests some of your friends that are interested in it for exposure


-Give us some suggestions on our Facebook page or via e-mail at


- You can sponsor an inner city youth between the ages of 13-17 for $20 (This is a one-time donation and your money will go to sponsor one youth for the whole year)

Here is a little information on the Project:

Affect For Kids, which is a 30-week session for kids to develop a comic book strip or graphic novel, is designed to give kids an outlet to express themselves through developing comic books. Through this program we hope to inspire Competition, Confidence and Connections through our Campaign for Reading and the Arts for students ages 13-17 years.

Encourage positive competition by selecting the best comic strips created by the kids to put in our quarterly magazine.

Help inner-city youth develop confidence through expressing themselves through the arts in producing graphic novels.

Through enriching the kids' writing and reading skills, we also hope to develop their understandings of all the components from creating a comic book through character development to the illustrations and publication. In doing this we hope to connect the inner city youth ages 13-17 to the realities of the art industry. At the end of the program, the kids will have an opportunity to publish a comic strip in our magazine and attend a social party with a special guest speaker from the comic book industry and of course you!