Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was surfing around on flickr and found a bunch of vintage snapshots from 1977 - 1980 that people have uploaded. Looking at these photos really brings back the whole Star Wars phenomenon, when Star Wars was a new fad that was sweeping the world. Amazing, that the fad hasn't faded in 30 years!

Click on the links to see the photos -

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Link 2
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Link 9
Link 10
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Link 12
Link 13
Link 14
LInk 15
Link 16
Link 17
Link 18
Link 19
Link 20
Link 21
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Link 24
Link 25
Link 26
This is not an old photo, but I think the van is vintage.
Link 27
Link 28Link 29


Mike Middleton said...

Outstanding photos! Thanks for posting these. The two kids with their arms around each other wearing the iron-on t-shirts is my favorite.

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Yeah, I love seeing vintage photos related to Star Wars. That one is one of my favorites too.