Saturday, January 31, 2009


Am I in some fantasy football dream? I think it might be a dream, since both of my favorite football teams are in the Super Bowl. Someone pinch me! Ouch, yep it's really going to happen!

I’ve been following the St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers since I was a kid. One team was usually on the losing side of things and the other was always in the winner’s circle. I guess it’s a tale of two teams for me and to have them both meet in the Super Bowl is almost too much.

Here’s a photo of me in 1978 wearing my St. Louis (football) Cardinals pajamas that my grandma handmade. She even embroidered the helmet and logo.

I had a big Cardinals pennant hanging on my bedroom wall right next to my Steelers Super Bowl poster and now I’ll be watching both of these teams go head to head on my TV.

Who do I want to win? Cardinals have never won and the Steelers have five rings, so the choice is obvious for me. I got to go with Big Red!

My prediction will be Cardinals 27 Steelers 20. Good luck to both teams!

---Update---- Even tho my prediction was wrong, the game was exciting or at least the 4th quarter was exciting. The Cardinals might not have won, but congrats to all the players and coaches for making this life long fan happy to see them make it to the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...
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Mike Middleton said...

I'd be more interested if it was Terry Bradshaw vs. Jim Hart but I'll root for your beloved Big Red today anyway NC! How much snow did you get anyway?

Ryan said...


Cardinals have had a great year but looking for Steelers by 7. Should be a great game.


Ryan Biddulph said...


The Cards have had a great year but I feel Steelers by 7. It should be a great game though.


Chris said...

I thought I was alone as a child rooting for the Big Red? Hope you will check out my latest post.

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Yeah, that would've been a cool Super Bowl.

Ryan - You were almost right on the score.

Chris - There were a few of us. Too bad they couldn't pull it out, but they made a game of it. I enjoyed reading your post.