Monday, June 06, 2011


When I bought these photographs from an ebay seller a few years ago, I wasn’t familiar with the Rozell Show, but these photos were too neato to pass up. I’ve always had an interest in television history and it’s always exciting to learn about different local stations and their various local programming.

At Home with Rozell or later, The Rozell Show hosted by Rozell Fabiani first aired September 22, 1954 and ended in 1988. Reading the comments on Rozell’s obituary, she was a well loved TV personality for WRBL’s viewing audience in and around Columbus, Georgia. The photo above shows Rozell holding a WRBL channel identification card, back when stations used clever artwork to let the viewer know what channel they were tuned into. I cropped it from the photo below where she's standing in front of a Camels Cigarettes display. This was taken during the first year of her show.

Enjoy the photos and if you remember the Rozell Show please feel free to share some of your memories of the show in the comments section.


johnny dollar said...

what's not to love, about a cracker that is ham tastey AND ham shapey... ?

William Thomas Nesbitt said...

I can remember her show in the 1970s and daily segment "Songs For Shut-Ins" with a man playing the Hammond with big floral arrangements by Albright's Florist on top of the organ.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Not one negro presented! What, she couldn't find one? Yeah, sure, she was a remarkable, southern lady.

Anonymous said...

wow you're right! it kinda resembles A BET show in today's time only in reverse!