Monday, December 16, 2013


I don't have any memories of ever visiting a Grants department store, but that didn't stop me from picking up this swell 1970s Christmas coloring book a couple of weeks ago. According to the seller, this one was handed out at the Grant's department store in the now extinct Antioch Shopping Center in Kansas City. 

The seller included this Grants ruler. Not sure if it originally came with the coloring book, but it's still a cool artifact from the lost department store.

Click here to view a couple of 1970s Grants interior photos. One is of the candy aisle! (Be sure to scroll down to the middle of the page to view.)

Anyone have any memories of Grants?


Brian said...

That picture on your link of the Clementon Grants was my family's favorite department store There was actually a Grants discount outlet in our hometown of Hammonton,but the inventory wasn't too great,so we'd make the trek to the Berlin/Clementon area.It was connected to a Path Mark Grocery,so my mom could do all her shopping in one stop.There was even a full service restaurant called The Bradford House inside of Grants.That was the place I first saw Santa,and I also remember a 2 car kiddie Ferris Wheel near the entrance that I loved to ride.There was also an infamous incident when I lost my favorite teddy bear Ragu(?) and had a meltdown there.Grant's went out of business in the mid 70's and our store became a Woolco for a few years.after that,The Grant's side became an indoor Flea Market in the late 80's and wasn't in business for long.In the 90's, the Path Mark went under,and the whole building (and HUGE parking lot was finally leveled in 2012.I might add that Grants was only blocks away from the famous Clementon Lake Park, which is still going strong after about a century!(Google It, interesting place).Sorry I'm going on and on,but it's rare that anyone brings up this subject and I hope I 've given you plenty of insight.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks Brian for adding your Grants memory! Clementon Park looks like a fun place with lots of great history!