Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dynamite Magazine

Dynamite magazine was such a fun mag for kids of the 70's and 80's and I couldn't wait for the new issue to arrive after ordering through the Scholastic book club at school.

It had quirky artwork, funny gags, poster pull-outs, stickers and tons of other activities. I loved the Wacky Packages like commercial parodies, the Bummers cartoons, the Dynamite Duo comics and of course all of the current pop culture news on movies, TV and sports.

The best of all was Count Morbida's Monthly Puzzle, who is on the cover of this issue. The Count always challenged us with his ghoulish puzzles and he usually would berate us for solving them. The artist A. Friedman had a unique style that worked perfectly for Count Morbida.

Yes I miss the days rushing home to kick back with a bag of Doritos and a can of Coke reading the latest issue of my favorite magazine Dynamite!!


Mike Middleton said...

You know who was in charge of Dynamite for a while don't you? None other than Jeanette Kahn, past president of DC Comics. She came to DC from Dynamite in 1976.

Todd Franklin said...

Wow! I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.

Daveland said...

What a blast from the past - I almost forgot about Dynamite Magazine. I remember the issues on Welcome Back Kotter, Happy Days, and all those other great 70's phenomenons. Thanks for the memory!

American Toycoon said...

I'm wild about Dynamite magazine. I had a subscription for a full year once. Aah, it was a great time.