Wednesday, April 01, 2009


What were they thinking of back in the 50's? This ad comes from a 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics and features an ad for a very short lived pest control product known as Pistol Pete’s Poison Pills. Yep, that’s right a pest control product with a cartoon cowboy mascot.

The kicker in the ad is the text - “Pistol Pete’s Poison Pills look and taste like real candy so they’ll fool any and every little critter.” There is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks this product would see a store shelf in our modern world.

Take a closer look at the ad -

April Fools!

Ok, this product or the ad never existed, but I was having trouble thinking of something fun for April Fool’s Day, so this is what I quickly came up with.

Have a pranked filled fun April Fool’s Day!

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