Monday, April 13, 2009


Oh boy, oh boy here comes AD BOY, the sequel book to Meet Mr. Product (one of my favorite books) by authors Warren Dotz and Masud Husain. AD BOY will be released very soon and it’s busting at the seams with those fun and sometimes silly advertising characters from yesteryear. Warren and Masud have been busy collecting hundreds of these cartoon pitchmen for AD BOY taking images from packaging, pinback buttons, paper advertisements and my personal favorite - thin plastic glove puppets.

You can check out a preview of the book at Amazon and you can see more at the official website and blog! Tell all of your pals in the neighborhood to check out AD BOY so they’ll get those warm fuzzy feelings when animated weenie people and kids in space helmets told us about the products we should buy and use.

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Mike Middleton said...

I'll have to pick these up. I've never heard you talk about them before.