Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It's been a while since I've shared a snapshot from my found photo collection. With everyone planning vacations and road trips, I thought this one from 1923 might give some of you road trippers some inspiration.

The inscription on the back - "This was the day we crossed Calif. line Aug. 19. It constitutes one of the most educational & prettiest drives of all. We rose 11,500 ft in 25 min. When we got to the top of the Mt. we came to a beautiful mountain lake, called Lake Tahoe. It is about 1/2 mi. square & the water has the color of the emerald birth stone. This days drive took us thru Americas Greatest forrest, Pine-Cedar & Spruce. Beautiful & Dense? Mamma comments on it most every day. Geography is now an interesting subject to me."

Isn't that great? Between the photograph and the inscription, it really transports you back to when taking a road trip truly was an adventure. I'm sure this unidentified gent and "Momma" had to deal with some rough terrain and maybe a flat tire or two along the way.  

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