Saturday, December 20, 2014


Misfit Toy Stats
Name - Larry Snurgle Danberry
Type - Weird
Age - 45
Origin - Manufactured
Height - 6 1/2"
Demeanor - Trippy 

Our seventh misfit toy is kinda zany! Meet Larry Snurgle Danberry, a vinyl squeeze toy with googly eyes. He was made by the novelty company Parksmith Corporation in 1969. Is he a dog's chew toy? A silly party toy? An advertising character toy? I have no clue, but he's one weird toy, that's for sure. 

I found Larry in a junk shop. He was on a shelf next to a stack of dirty magazines and Avon bottles. I can't remember how much I paid for him, but he was cheap enough that I wasn't able to pass him up. Anyway, after squeezing Larry and seeing those eyes spin around, he was a no-brainer purchase. I'm not sure what Larry's ice cream cone is laced with but those eyes are just crazy wild!

Watch Larry's eyes spin below. Try not to fall into a trance!

I think Larry has a lot in common with the weird kid that's standing next to Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

All the other misfit toys like Larry and they like to watch his eyes spin. I think he was self-conscious about his spinning eyes at first, but now realizes he can bring some laughter to his fellow misfit toys and that pleases him.   

Check back tomorrow for misfit toy #8.


Anonymous said...

I think he's a novelty toy. It came with an ice cream cone (brain freeze), lollipop (sugar high), mug of beer (alchol buzz), and one other (which I've forgotten).

Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

I'm really enjoying your Christmas countdown. I love the reference of this guy to the Christmas Story movie. That weird kid is always a highlight for me when I watch it. There was a kid like that in every town.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks Anonymous! I'll look into that.

Waffle - Thanks for commenting and happy you're enjoying the countdown! Merry Christmas!

Amy D. Spitzer said...

This toy is really cute and funny, I like his big eyes.