Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Wow I just found Jesse James Hideout and Jesse and Frank are there with all of their old west pals!

Well I guess I’ve known about it all of my life, but really only remember taking the tour a couple of times when I was a kid. You see this tourist trap has been part of my local area, Lake of the Ozarks, MO, before I was born. I need to do some research and find out when it first opened, but I do know it’s been in a couple of different locations along the Bagnell Dam strip on Hwy 54. About ten years ago it was next door to the Haunted Hotel and now it’s in a building where the Legend of Bigfoot exhibit was at one time. (More on these lost tourist traps later)

I paid my two bucks and got a brass token, my ticket to see some of the greatest western outlaws created in wax!

There’s even a Boot Hill with funny tombstones to read.

A 1997 newspaper article about the wax sculptor who created and reworked the wax figures.

Click here if you would like to read the article!


Kirk D. said...

Would be fun to go on a Jesse James tour and hit that and Mermac Caverns.
Haunted hotel? Bigfoot exhibit?
What a great place to live.

Andy Chase said...

We passed by Jesse James' hideout on our cross-country move to California in 1996, and then again on our cross-country move back in 2002. There are billboards for about 300 miles in either direction! It's a bit of a let down when you finally see the tiny shack after all that build-up.

Todd Franklin said...

Kirk -- Yeahn there's a bunch of them. I've been to Mermac and there's another one close by there.

Andy -- You might be thinking of the one on Hwy 44 close to Mermac Caverns and a toy museum. I'm not aware of any billboards for this one.

If you would like to read the article on the sculptor I've added a link under the photo.