Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Have you ever been munching down on a corn dog at a state fair while thinking to yourself, “I wonder where these battered delicacies came from and who invented them anyway?”

They were invented by two geniuses, Ed Waldmire Jr. and Don Strand way back in 1946 and were called Crusty Curs. Thankfully the name was changed to Cozy Dogs and a drive-in was opened in Springfield, Illinois. The amazing thing, is that the Cozy Dog Drive-In is still in business on old Rt. 66 and you can still get one of those original Cozy Dog corn dogs!

They moved into a new building back in 1996 where the same charm still exists. Inside you’ll find lots of vintage old Cozy Dog advertising from old signs to boxes to framed photos. Also they have five or six photo albums that you can flip through that’s chocked full of old snapshots, menus and various other memorabilia.

I can say from experience that they serve the best corn dogs that I’ve ever tasted! So if you ever find your self in Springfield, Illinois make a point to swing by and enjoy a couple of Cozy Dogs and don’t forget the fries because they’re yummy too!

Here is the link to their website. Cozy Dog Drive-In

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