Friday, April 20, 2007



Have you ever stopped in an antique store right before closing? It's a real challenge to race thru in hopes of finding something before the shop owners start shutting off the lights. Of course you don't want to be rude and keep lingering around after closing time, that's just bad flea market etiquette!

Well, this happened to me last weekend at a shop. As I was rushing to see everything I found a box of personal photo slides. Since it was almost closing time I took a gamble and purchased them without looking to see if they were worth buying.

Unfortunately, the majority were boring baby slides, but I did find a few fun photos of Silver Dollar City. The Ozark 1880's theme park in Branson, Missouri. A place that's been opened since 1960 and is always a super-fun place to visit. We usually go a couple of times a year.

So travel back in time to 1970 when these slides were taken and see this family travel back in time to the 1880's at Silver Dollar City! (I only wish they would have taken more and better photos of the park!)


Mike Middleton said...

Good job NC! I wouldn't know anything about being in an antique mall right before they close.

Steven Altis said...

Love the Orko hat!

These slides are a lot like my family's mid-seventies amusement park pics... small glimpses of really cool stuff in the background of pictures of my brother and me looking goofy.

Lynxwiler said...

That last photo, butt reaching into the back of the car, ma with her big hair and red hat, little brother clutching his blankie, AND a finger in the shot. Incredible photo!!