Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The video game token is now a symbol for the hundreds of hours I spent in arcades back in the 80's. No telling how many quarters I exchanged for these round brass coins. For me, they were as good as gold since they were my ticket to blast invaders, eat dots and save the girl from a giant ape!

I scanned a few of my favorites from my small arcade token collection. Be sure and click on the photos for a closer look!

The Black Hole Jacksonville, Texas

Cosmic Empire

Century Theatres Starcade

Crazy Cats Top 40 Video Games

Jungle Jim's Playland

Galaxy Games

Palace Entertainment

Special Effects

Play Pen

Nate Hanson Music & Games


Mike Middleton said...

You gotta love the Star Wars ripoff arcade!

Waffle Whiffer said...

Nice collection of coins you have.

Yosh said...

i have the video pinball / cosmic empire coin but is silver XD

Anonymous said...

Crazy Cats was a great little arcade in Kettering Ohio. It was located in a small shopping center next to s grocery store called Stumps. They would give you 25 tokens for $3 bucks in the late 80's. I would go there with my brothers every week. Looking back at it things were much different. I remember they had ashtrays between most of the machines and it wasn't a big deal that most of the patrons were juveniles doing the smoking. The coin showed was a earlier one. We would drill a hole through it and tie a string to it making our day last longer. The second generation coin had the same Crazy Cat logo on one side and the opposite side had a notch shaped like a W so once the coin went through the grooves you couldn't pull it out. These coins often got stuck and were immediately followed by a kick or fist. Anyway Crazy Cats was the best...Joust, Gorgan ( Pinball) , PacMan, Metroid, Missle Command, Donkey Kong, 1942,Choplifter, Burgertime,Commando, Congo Bongo, Galaga, Golden Axe, Hang-on and Heavyweight Champ are just a few of my favorites.

seth kondrath said...

Yes! I spent my childhood there as well. Don't forget about the $5 for a baggie of 40 tokens too. A couple hours later you'd come out of there dripping with sweat. I remember it next to a Woolworth and a Kroger, by Elder Beerman. Stumps was in another shopping center by Channel 7. Good times!

Unknown said...

Me and my older brother used to love going to crazy cats back in the late 80s. We lived in Dayton so once or twice a month we would catch the bus there and spend all day. I have three tokens from crazy cats ! By the mid 90s I was working and going to school so I lost interest (well really didn't have time) in video games and stopped going. Does anyone know what year they closed crazy cats ?