Sunday, July 22, 2007


Check out Kirk's blog, the Secret Fun Blog for a fun post related to Gatlinburg and photos inside the World of Illusions.


Glen Mullaly said...

Man o man, the good stuff just never ends - these are great Todd! I would have loved visiting any of these as a kid but especially the first two. Although I probably would have spent more time looking at RD2 than the radio placed beside house plants, but I would have loved it all.
But now I can't get the "In Search Of" theme out of my head!
Are these your own souvenirs, or later finds?

Mike Middleton said...

You know I'd pay to see a Star Ship Transporter materialize an Imperial Warrior. You gotta love those generic 70's sci-fi terms that don't quite violate copyrights.

Todd Franklin said...

Glen - I wish these were souvenirs from childhood, but I've been to Gatlinburg and would've loved going to these places. I found these brochures a few years ago.

Mike - 70's Star Wars rip-off stuff, you just gotta love!

Angie said...

Does anyone remember a place up 321 called Peg's Cottages?