Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last Sunday night I had my first and last Guberburger at the famous Wheel Inn Drive In on the intersection of hiway 50 & 65 in Sedalia, Missouri and I regret waiting this long to finally try it. In the past I’ve usually ordered the double meat cheeseburger because I was always kind of afraid I wouldn’t like the Guberburger. My fears were foolish ones as I really enjoyed the famous Guberburger, a hamburger with hot melted peanut butter.

Unfortunately, this Missouri roadside landmark will be closed forever on September 3 thanks to a new hiway expansion. The Wheel Inn has been serving the Guberburger, Soozie-Q fries and many other tasty treats since 1947.

Check out this opening day photo back in 1947.

Here's a menu from a few years back that I'm glad I saved.

A few flickr photos to check out!

If you’re near Sedalia or happen to be passing thru between now and September 3, be sure to stop and grab yourself a Guberburger, Soozie-Q fries and a Cherry Coke before it’s too late!


Mike Middleton said...

It's weird that a cool place like that would serve something as disgusting as a burger with peanut butter on it. Nice pics!

Stephen said...

There's a place here in San Diego called the Corvette Diner that's been around for years and has a Rory Burger, which is the same thing. I haven't been brave enough to try it, either, but I suppose now that it has your endorsement, maybe I will.

Todd Franklin said...

Stephen - Go for it, you only live once!

Dane said...

It just kills me that I'll never be able to photograph this place while it's still "alive."

Peanut butter, eh?

Waffle Whiffer said...

What a shame that this neat old place is going away! Please tell me they are going to relocate.

I've never been there, but this place looks like a real treasure.

Craig said...

Sad to hear its closing, I have many fond memories of hanging out at the Wheel Inn in high school in the 70's. Haven't been back since and that's too bad since the Guberburger is second to none and now I'll never get to have another...

Anonymous said...

I worked as a car hop at the Wheel Inn in the mid 50s and have some great memories of the drive in. Love the Guberburger. It has to have lettice, tomato, and Mayo and peanut butter to make it the real Guber.


Anonymous said...

I thought I would let everyone know that it is reopening about 2 miles south of the original location on 65 highway. You should check it out.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Wheel Inn will be opening about two miles south of the original location...Hopefully in November. You should check it out!