Friday, August 10, 2007


Ok, I know it’s long pass midnight and I really should be asleep trying to catch a Z or two, but this annoying housefly is buzzing around the room driving me nuts! The house is nice and quiet, the first lady is sound asleep and I’m trying to relax while I draw in my sketchbook.

Relax? Forget it! Concentrate on my sketch? Forget that too, ‘cause all I can think about is this buzzing housefly that zooms back and forth from lamp to lamp bugging me to death!!! I keep thinking about getting up to fetch the fly swatter, but that would take effort and remember I’m trying to relax here. I even resort in trying to grab him right out of the air, like that guy who stacked quarters on his elbow in Happy Days. After a couple of misses I quit trying, because who knows where he’s been! Yuck!

Finally, he lands smack dab on my sketch book and starts running all over it. Oh, I was tempted to close my sketchbook and smash him between the pages. I bet he would’ve made a nice little splat of abstract art, but I really didn’t want fly guts all over my page. So what do you think I did? Grab the fly swatter? Open the back door and shoo him out? Use Superman Fly Paper from one of last year's posts? No, I grabbed my camera and took his photo instead!


Why take a photo of a housefly? I have no idea, because just a few seconds earlier I wanted to murder the little guy. Looking at the photo up close he’s really colorful and shines like he’s made of polished metal. This little creature is actually kind of cute in his own disgusting way. Now that I’m in the office typing this post, he’s probably in the other room flying all over the place buzzing up a storm, but I don’t have the heart to flatten him with the swatter. I guess I’ll just have to shoo him out the door.

Sorry for this odd and out of the norm post, but I just had to blog about it. Since I’m not too sleepy, I think I’ll go watch that Vincent Price classic, The Fly! Good night!


Mike Middleton said...

You really do need to get some rest NC! Or maybe another visit with Statue Bob. Who am I to say though. I was watching Shatner at 4am.

Monica said...

I have a love hate thing with flies and ants too, I love them and think they are cool, but not in my house!

When I was growing up my Mom called all the flies Vincent(Vincent Price) even though he wasnt tecnically the the fly...)

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Shatner at 4 a.m.? Was it TJ Hooker, Star Trek, or was he singing Rocket Man?

Monica - Thanks for your comment! Cool that your Mom calls flies Vincent!

Mike Middleton said...

There's no more surreal experience in life than Shatner pontificating about love to Spock and Bones at 4am.

Dane said...

Todd, really nice work on the photo.