Friday, August 17, 2007



Last weekend I got back another piece of my childhood when I found this Mr. Mouth game. I loved this game when I was kid!

The game starts once you flip the little white switch and Mr. Mouth begins spinning his head while opening and closing his mouth. Up to four players can play as you try to use your flipper hand to flip a plastic chip into his mouth. First person who successfully feeds Mr. Mouth all of their chips wins the game.

Mr. Mouth was also a fun toy to play with as he sometimes acted as an evil monster out to eat army men and Star Wars figures. I remember how funny it was to watch my dog, Bluebell's reaction to him as she wasn't too sure why he kept snapping his big mouth at her.

I paid $9.99 since for him at the flea market and the box has the original price tag from 1977 and back then it cost $9.88. How about that, he's only worth eleven cents more 30 years later!

Here's the link for the original patent.

Mr. Mouth, Mr. Mouth. He just can't keep his big mouth shut!


Mike Middleton said...

Ah Mr. Mouth, how I miss thee....

Jay Amabile said...

i loved this game

G.B. said...

What's curious about this toy is its similarity to Pac-Man in both its look and eating habits. However, I believe it came out quite a few years before Pac-Man was around. After Pac-Man did come out in the eighties, I seem to remember Mr. Mouth being redesigned as a big green frog.

Steve-O said...

I never realized before just how baked Mr. Mouth looks.