Monday, September 01, 2008


Just a few Polaroid photos that I've taken recently. My supply is running low and when you can find film it seems to be going up in price. I'm going to miss these little one of kind squares. I'm still hoping another company will start making film, but it looks kind of bleak. Save


Mike Middleton said...

What's the beat the force sign from? I don't recognize it. Good to see you blogging everyday NC!

Dane said...

I know, the imminent loss of Polaroid is so sad ... another bit of Americana getting thrown away.

Especially a shame because you do such a great job with Polaroids.

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - That's a carnival sign from the 1970's. I saw it down in Springfield a month or two ago. I wanted to buy it but didn't have enough money and it was big.

Dane - It is a shame that it will be gone. Thanks for the compliment!