Friday, September 05, 2008


Dim the lights. Cue some cheesy supper club music. Light up a cheap cigar. Now belt out a couple of wolf whistles in honor of this painting. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Good - now we’re all in the same mood. The same mood as the unknown artist who was inspired to paint this masterpiece. I suspect the artist behind the painting, that I’ve named “The Mysterious Temptress” was probably sitting in a smoked filled lounge sipping a cocktail and watching a one woman burlesque show.

After the performance he probably walked home in a light drunken stupor with swirling images of the Mysterious Temptress in his head with superimposed neon signs and close-ups of mixed drinks. Oh, I forgot - cue some 1960's jazz music for drunken walk home.

In his one room apartment cluttered with paint by number sets and failed Tippy the Turtle drawings he probably collapsed on the sofa. His dreams were filled with the Mysterious Temptress and her enchanting dances.

He probably woke up in a cold sweat grabbing for his paints and brushes feeling possessed. For the first time in his life he felt alive with a true fervor of creative energy. He worked nonstop thru the early morning and into the early evening. Finally his masterpiece was completed and soon the Mysterious Temptress would bring him fame and fortune. He thought she was his meal ticket to the big time. His very own Mona Lisa that people would talk about for generations to come. Yeah, this is what he thought. I'm sure of it.

Ok, let me think - He left his apartment to grab a taxi so he could show the world his masterpiece - his Mysterious Temptress. It was a shame that he didn’t look both ways before crossing. Ouch! A Greyhound splattered him into a nice abstract all over the street.

The Mysterious Temptress would survive in obscurity for many years until it would eventually end up in a country flea market for three bucks.

Here’s to you unknown artist. We salute you for creating a. . . well, interesting piece of artwork. Now, after all these years your masterpiece will finally be admired all over the world.

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Dane said...

If this isnt the true story behind this painting, it ought to be.