Friday, October 31, 2008


The force is strong with these two trick or treaters and I'm sure they got a huge haul of candy back in 1978. They probably got so much sweets that they're basketball shaped pumpkin buckets bursted.

You know, Stormtrooper Steve is looking sporty in his blue trunks and Darth David looks to be prepared for a long trek of candy hunting in his brand new Addidas.

Naturally this is my favorite Halloween slide sent in by Major Pepperidge. If you want to see more Star Wars Halloween photos travel over to the flickr group Growing Up Star Wars. If you have some of your own then add 'em to the group. You must join flickr and then the GUSW group first and it's free.

Also, everyone give the good Major a round of applause for sharing some of his slides with us and be sure to visit his amazing Disneyland blog, Gorillas Don't Blog!


Mike Middleton said...

A fantastic way to end up NC! Great Stormtrooper costume. Happy Halloween!!!

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Thanks! Yeah, I figured you would enjoy seeing this one.