Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's to you mom on your special day!

Now, don't kill me for posting this classic 1970's photo of us. It's one of my favorite snaps!

There's just not enough words in Webster's to say how amazing our matching patchwork blazers are. It might be the coolest thing that we've ever worn!

You know - I kind of look like a ventriloquist dummy and you're ready to take the act on the road. We should've been on Carson! Hey, did I just call myself a dummy?

I wish I still had my Nerf airplane. Can you believe I stood that still for this photo. I'm sure I was only thinking about going outside to fly the Nerfly skies!

Enjoy your day. You deserve it!


Mike Middleton said...

Fantasic photo!! Your mom's great. Hope she has a fabulous birthday!

prof. grewbeard said...

did anyone ever tell your mom she resembles Barbara Feldon? mine looks like Joan Crawford...

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Thanks and she thinks you're great too... most of the time : )

prof. grewbeard - No, I think you're the first. I always thought she looked like mom, but you're right she does kind of look like Barbara Feldon. When I see her next I call her Agent 99.

Glen Mullaly said...

Happy belated birthday Mr. Mayor's mom!