Friday, August 28, 2009



I just got back from a postcard show and snagged some fun postcards that are good and cheesy! Take a gander at these goodies -

Meet Walter Skolnik a modern-day magician who can cast a spell over children and by the looks of it can pull a rubber chicken out of a pot. Now that's some magic!

Six Care cans that no housewife can live without. You got your Tile & Tub Care can, your Counter Care can, your Fine Furniture Care can, your Cabinet Care can, your Antique Furniture Care can (not to be confused with your Fine Furniture can) and the most important can of all...

your Panel Care can! Yes, these cans really do care.

I'm surprised the Krofft's passed on Free Spirits. It was a live action Saturday morning kid's show about Cecil and his girlfriend Shanda who cruised all over California in their living dune buggy named Stoner Buggy.

I wish I had a 6X6 ATV! If you have one of these, it automatically make you a cool person. Can you imagine all the jealous looks you would get driving this mechanical masterpiece to work.

Hey, the 6X6 even makes this guy look cool!

Now this postcard really is a gem! The back says it was taken at the Hazel Park 2nd Annual Community Fair in Hazel Park, Michigan in 1966. Let's take a closer look at this group. In the back of truck we can see a couple of clowns, a Chief, a LBJ wannabe, and a hobo. The driver of the truck could easily be a someone from Mayberry and the colonial women are a hoot in a half. For my money and what makes this card so special is the gangster couple with the giant yellow stuffed dog. Al Capone should have had a giant yellow stuffed dog.

This is Dinny the Dinosaur from Dinosaur Park in St. George's Island in Calgary, Alberta. Isn't he a swell?

Wow, check out ol' Albert. Did you know that he's the World's Largest Bull and he must be since it says it on this here postcard!

Finally we finish up with a puppet show postcard. This is a scene from Davy Jones Locker, a marionette show at the Bil Baird Theater in Greenwich Village, NY.

Whew! I think I got my money's worth at the postcard show. If you would like to take a gander at some more postcards from my collection, head over to my flickr set called the Postcard Rack.


Glen Mullaly said...

Dinny IS cool...

Great stuff NC!

K0dama said...

Ya know, the guy driving the 6x6 looks like Putin!

John Rozum said...

I'd really like to see that puppet show.

Adam Gott said...

I am jealous! I managed to pick up ten or fifteen cool postcards at a local antique mall last week but I haven't been to a postcard show in years!

I am going to highlight your flickr stream on my blog.

What Antique Furniture said...

i like these cool stuff