Monday, April 25, 2011


In my best Lost in Space robot voice, “Danger, Chuck Bartowski! Danger!”

I’ve been hearing some unfun rumors that my favorite TV show, NBC's Chuck is on the bubble to be renewed for next season. Me and the First Lady have been hooked on this spy show since the first episode and it’s one of the few shows that we just can’t miss.

Between the top notch storytelling and the superb characterization, this show really makes Monday the best TV night of the week. In a sea of dull sitcoms, depressing dramas and annoying reality shows, Chuck is a big ball of fun-o-rama!

Watch Chuck play a game of Missile Command in this clip from one of my favorite episodes, Chuck Vs. Tom Sawyer. C'mon, using an old classic coin-op as a major plot point is pure genius!

Last week, a twitter campaign started to let advertisers know that Chuck has a large following. Read about it at We Give A Chuck and how to help with a simple tweet.

Catch Chuck on Monday nights at 8/7c and hopefully we'll all catch Chuck for a fifth season!

Click here to see another reason that Chuck is the best show on the boob tube! Jeffster rocks!!!

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Oscar said...

I absolutely agree, Chuck is the best show on tv. I like the sci-fi references on the show too. Star Wars is #1.

Speaking of Star Wars, if you like limericks, check out