Monday, November 21, 2011


The other day I read on The Retroist that Gary Garcia passed away. Gary was the Garcia half of Buckner & Garcia, the music team that created one of the best novelty songs of all time, Pac-Man Fever!

As a kid I had the Pac-Man fever really bad and spent most of my free time in one of the many arcades in my neighborhood playing Pac-Man. Naturally I was crazy about the song when it came out. I think our local radio station probably blocked my phone number because I requested Pac-Man Fever way too much.

Below is a 1982 drawing that I made when I was eleven as a tribute to my favorite song that year.

Thanks to Jerry and Gary for creating a song that will always bring me back to simpler times.

Visit the official Buckner & Garcia website to read Jerry's words about his friend Gary and be sure to watch the performance of B & G on American Bandstand.

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leftylimbo said...

Aw man. Sorry to hear about Garcia passing. Like you, I practically lived in my local arcade from '80-'83, spending all my allowance on arcade games. I wasn't a big Pac-Man fan, but I loved Front Line, Omega Race, Xevious, Galaxian and later Ikari Warriors.

Totally remember that song when it came out. I almost bought that album but decided against it. Wasn't there a song on there called "Ode to the Centipede" or something?