Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A few days ago at a secondhand store, I found this cool 1977 Christian songbook for kids, Sing 'n' Celebrate for Kids! It caught my eye because of the cover art. I said to myself, "Hey, that's the Bummers artist from Dynamite magazine!" 

I was an avid Dynamite reader and one of my favorite artists from the 1970s & '80s kids magazine was Jared Lee.

Each issue had a page full of Bummers that were sent in by readers and illustrated by Jared. For a nostalgia kick, how 'bout some Bummers?

Besides his Dynamite work, Jared has contributed artwork for many clients including work on an early Happy Meal box for McDonald's. Click here to see the box from Jason Liebig's collection. Also Jared has been a busy artist with over 80 illustrated children's books. Visit his website at

I will leave you with two fun Jared illustrations from Dynamite magazine.

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LLND said...

Hi, not sure if my previous comment made it to you. I am so happy to find this. You posted the bummer I had written and I am trying to locate which issue it was published. The bummer was, "don't you hate when you hiding something in such a good place, you can't find it."

Can you help? Thanks!