Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yesterday I attended my nephew's 6th grade graduation. I have two amazing nephews and it's hard for me to believe that the oldest one is moving onto junior high school. Wow, 6th grade graduations sure have changed since I was a kid. It was a lavish spectacle that my nephew will always remember with musical numbers by the kids, a clever slide show and a reading from a Dr. Seuss book. Of course this got me thinking about the time when I graduated from the 6th grade. It was very low key and simple compared to my nephew's ceremony. Actually it was a light hearted event. Instead of a certificate or a 6th grade diploma, we received something a lot more fun, a silly blue ribbon. Each student was awarded a blue ribbon that represented something fun or silly about themselves. I was awarded with the Biggest Star War Fan ribbon. (It always made me laugh when adults dropped the S off of war, but that's how it was written on my ribbon.) I remember my friend got the Most likely to drive the Bigfoot Monster Truck ribbon.

Unfortunately I don't have my ribbon anymore, but I still have the gift my parents gave me for graduating the 6th grade. I got Circus Atari!

Wow! It was totally worth going through all the trials and tribulations of elementary to receive a gift like that. (Truth be told, there were only minor tribulations, like multiplication tables and the kid who puked up his Cocoa Puffs behind me in the 3rd grade.)    

Just look at those amazing lifelike graphics! My favorite part was when you missed the clown with your teeter-totter and he went SPLAT!

If you watch this video from 1982, you might learn how to beat Circus Atari.

Circus Atari page from the Atari Catalog
Below is my nephew after his 6th grade graduation jumping for joy! I like to think he's doing an imitation of Circus Atari, but that's just me.

Coincidence or not, but there's a new updated version of Circus Atari that just launched today for iPhones and iPads. Hmm...I feel like I should graduate from something before I download it.


Mike Middleton said...

I think I might know the person who won the monster truck ribbon. Am I right? Glad you got to see the pomp and circumstance of the modern 6th grade. We didn't even have a graduation as I recall.

Hauntedheadful said...

When I graduated eighth grade our class took a weekend trip to Washington DC. on the second day we were let loose in a big underground shopping mall.While all the other kids were busy snatching up "DC" memorabilia,I found a Sam Goody store and spent all my cash(30 whole dollars,wow) on Activision,s Kaboom!and had to survive on penny candyfor the rest of the trip.Couldn't wait to get home!In hindsight,I don't remember the nation's capital so much,but I stillhave(and play)the game!