Friday, August 31, 2012


Today and all through Labor Day weekend, the Electric Theatre Arcade is officially open! The ringleader behind this retro arcade is my good friend Mike Freeland and his dream of owning an arcade is closer than ever before. This is the second limited engagement for Mike's arcade and it serves as a blueprint for when the Electric Theatre Arcade opens permanently. Each game in the arcade has a story behind it. Like an urban Indiana Jones, Mike has been on countless adventures trying to rescue these games so they can be enjoyed once again. Some of these adventures have been captured in a new documentary. Filmmaker Brad Johnson has created a fantastic film about Mike's dream of owning an arcade. Click on the video below and watch the fantastic trailer for Electric Theatre Arcade: A Vintage Documentary!

If you find yourself in Kansas City this weekend, be sure to visit the Electric Theatre Arcade in Independence, Missouri. Click here to visit the official website for times.

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