Thursday, January 03, 2013


Last month, I was sad to hear about the passing of TV legend Gerry Anderson. I've been a life long fan of his work and I enjoyed reading many of the tributes that flooded the internet after his passing. I really don't have much to contribute, but I did find three Space: 1999 TV Guide ads.  

These ads are kind of special to me as they represent some of my earliest TV memories and my intro into the world of Gerry Anderson. The first two ads are from 1975 when the show first aired on KRCG Channel 13, our local CBS affiliate out of Jefferson City, Missouri. Fun that it premiered on September 13th! That's the same date in the show when the moon is knocked out of orbit in 1999. 

I was only five when Space: 1999 premiered and it was only on in late night. Not the best viewing time for a toddler like me. Still, I made the best of it by watching with my dad and brother. 

Besides my introduction to Space: 1999, this TV time slot was also my intro to Star Trek. It was a far out double feature as seen in the 1976 ad below.

Trying to keep up with Moonbase Alpha and the Starship Enterprise was torture at that time of night. I would always try to stay awake like my dad and older brother, but I kept going in out of consciousness only catching glimpses of both of these amazing shows. Usually I'd wake up to loud action scenes just in time to see a monster or someone dying a horrible death. Eventually when I did go to bed, usually carried in by my dad, I would wake up from a cathode ray tube nightmare. This is how I mostly remember watching Space: 1999 as a kid and I loved every tortured moment of it!

Rest in peace Gerry Anderson and thanks for all the puppets and groovy space entertainment!


Desdinova said...

I remember seeing this ads in the TV Guide when I was small. Especially the second one. What i remember is that I couldn't figure out why the words "Star Trek" looked like it was written in "Christmas card letters." I didn't know big words like typeface yet.

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

oh my god. From now on Star Trek should always appear in Olde English font. That is excellent.