Saturday, March 02, 2013


One of my favorite movies is the classic 1933 King Kong. Today marks the 80th anniversary of the release of this remarkable film. In honor of Mr. Kong, I dug out this 3D poster from Dynamite magazine.

Around the time this poster was free in Dynamite back in the 1970s, I discovered King Kong! I became a lifelong fan after watching it for the first time during late night TV with my dad and brother. Now as an adult I hardly let a year go by without watching King Kong and I'll be watching it again tonight.

(Thanks to the Retroist for the reminder today!)


Brian said...

I credit King Kong as one of the first iconic images I was truly passionate about.I could remember being outraged when Kong killed my beloved dinosaurs(I had seen Beast from Hollow Mountain before I saw Kong),yet felt compassion as he fought for his life in a place far from home,and lost.I saw the '76 remake on Christmas break in a very old fasioned theatre with a huge chrome marquis, spotlights,balcony seats,and velvet curtains.It felt like a night at Radio City Music Hall.In 2005,I caught a midnight sneak preview of the Peter Jackson remake with some old friends and then went clubbing till long after sunrise,something I hadn't done in years.Happy Birthday,Your Majesty,and thanks for a lifetime of good times and fond memories!

plcary said...

Love it! I had that poster on my bedroom door in grade school and loved the 3d effect.

Todd Franklin said...

Brian - Kong keeps on making memories for so many people.

plcary - Cool you owned this poster. I never owned this as a kid but instead ended up with a 3D horse poster from Dynamite. The King Kong poster would have been a better fit with m Star Wars posters.

plcary said...

I found some 3d glasses and even this digital picture reproduces the same cool 3d effect i enjoyed as a kid!

J.E.Moores said...

I remember getting this poster at school in our Dynamite weekly reader Scholastic magazine. It was this poster that made me want to learn how to make my own 3D images, and I still enjoy my hobby of making anaglyph red/cyan images via photos and illustration. I have done a Google search now and then, and it's so great to see it again after all these decades. THANKS from