Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I ain't afraid of no debt! That's why I spent my two dollars on a Halloween lottery card.

For this year, Missouri ditched the generic Halloween theme in favor of a Ghostbusters theme. I was only able to find the Slimer card, but there are three different designs to choose from as seen in this gif from the Missouri Lottery website.

It's a nice change from years past. Speaking of change, let's try to win some.

Hey, I won! I won! I won two bucks! I've been playing the Halloween lottery for years and usually I end up with a loser card. Not today, 'cause I'm a Halloween lottery winner.

I noticed Ohio also went with a Ghostbuster theme for their Halloween lottery cards. They have four neat designs to choose from. Erick over at Wonderful Wonderblog scanned all four.

Apparently other states were in a Ghostbusters mood too like Kentucky and Arizona.

Click here to see if I won any scary cash from last year.

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