Friday, February 15, 2008



I’ve probably seen hundreds of these kitchy bottle cap folk art men for sale over the years, but I’ve never purchased one until now. I’m not sure why I picked this guy up? Maybe it was his expression or maybe because he was only two bucks. Regardless he’s starring in today’s flea market find.

He really does have a lot of character in a misfit-toy kind of way. I’m not sure what’s better the Carmen Miranda earrings or the Falstaff Bicentennial beer can for a body? I like the fact that his arms and legs are made from the 2 liter style caps instead of the much thinner regular bottle caps like most the other bottle cap men. The Nehi Orange cap for the neck is a nice touch.

He probably was forgotten about and banished to someone’s attic or garage many years ago. Hopefully he’ll like it better on my computer desk. (I have a feeling he was worried that I was going to leave him outside)

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