Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Why Polaroid? Why?

I’m sure most of the planet has heard that Polaroid will soon be discontinuing their instant film. Yes, I know that’s crazy talk! It’s kind of like Disney discontinuing Mickey Mouse or Kellogg’s quitting production of Frosted Flakes.

Polaroid sure has stirred up the internet with their bombshell announcement and some instant film fans have taken it upon themselves to start a Save Polaroid campaign! Savepolaroid.com is bringing awareness of how important Polaroid instant film has been thru the years and that it still can be important even in the digital era. Already flooded with hits from all over the world this new popular site hopes to convince another company to take up the flag and produce instant film.
In conjunction with the site they’ve also created the Save Polaroid flickr group. Go to these sites and support the cause.

Today, I felt like I needed to dust off the old Polaroid and go instant photo snapping and that’s just what I did. It had been several years since I used it and it was like seeing an old friend again. I love hearing that zzztt sound once you push the button and it still give me a thrill watching the image magically appear!

All of these Polaroids were all taken today - Now everyone grab those Polaroids out of the closet, go get some film before it’s gone and snap some photos. They may be the last Polaroids you’ll ever take. Let’s hope not!!!


johnny dollar said...


i am inspired to find the polaroid of me with "darth vader" when i was in second grade at parochial school.

excellent post.

Todd Franklin said...

That would be very cool to see!

MC said...

Polaroids are an institution, and it is a shame that someone thinks that there isn't a place in life for a little bit of instant gratification.

To me, I thought a better strategy would have been to change the marketing to work with the retro kitsch angle and make it a specialty item, because if they continue to make the cameras and film, people will come.

Karswell said...

I haven't been to Bagnell Dam in years, is the giant Alfred E. Nueman still standing there?

Todd Franklin said...

MC - That's a good plan and maybe Polaroid will rethink about ending the instant film and go that direction.

Karswell - The Bagnell Dam strip is about the only thing left at the lake that hasn't changed too much. Yes, the giant Alfred is still standing tall. The Alfred Polaroid along with all the other ones from this group were just taken a few days ago.

Kirk D. said...

Oh, wow. Great idea and great shots!
I didn't know the modern world could still look so cool.

Todd Franklin said...

Kirk - Yeah the modern world looks very cool when you're snapping pics of old stuff.