Saturday, July 18, 2009


I just heard that Walter Cronkite passed away. Growing up - we always watched the CBS Evening News with Cronkite during supper. For a kid I didn’t have much interest in the news but I sure enjoyed listening to Cronkite’s calming voice and he reminded me of another Walter that was also from Missouri.

I guess it’s fitting that Walter Cronkite left this earth as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. Godspeed Walter Cronkite.

This KODE TV Guide ad is from September 7, 1964.

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ddadmin said...

Wow, another famous person to leave. Walter (referred to as "Uncle Walt") was a great man that knew how to deliver news. I wish these noobs nowadays had such skills. Prayers to Walter's family and friends. In his memory, for his fans I have collected some great sites and articles (more than 200) to know all about Walter Cronkite. If you are interested take a look at the below link