Sunday, July 05, 2009


I’ve owned this amazing ambrotype for at least five years and it once belonged to a close friend. She had it for more than twenty years and she purchased the photo at a small antique show in Springfield, Missouri.

On Sundays I usually like to post old snapshots from the 20th Century, but I looked thru most of my snapshot collection and didn’t see any patriotic or 4th of July images. Ah yes, my Union Flag Bearer will be perfect for today’s post!

Too bad he didn’t come with identification. Like most of my photos in my collection, I wonder who the people were. Who was this brave soldier? I wonder if he survived the Civil War? Questions I’ll never know.


Stacia said...

What a neat photo! Since this was bought in Springfield, could it be a soldier who fought at either of the Battles of Springfield?

Mr Mayor, you must live very near where I grew up in Missouri.

Major Pepperidge said...

Not only is this very neat historically, but I'll but it's worth a buck or two as well!

Gary Wood said...

I love tin types. Old photos are so mysterious.

Todd Franklin said...

Stacia - Yeah, you could be right about a Springfield conection. I wish he was id'd. A great place to grow up is in the Ozarks.

Major - Yeah, it probably is.

Gary - They sure are.