Friday, July 17, 2009



I finally picked up Forry Ackerman's 1965 Spacemen Yearbook with the out-of-this-world cover by artists Wally Wood and Russ Jones. Also, in the stack was a silly 1963 Cartoon & Gag magazine. I purchased it for the cartoon on the back cover - the one below.

Maybe the boys of Apollo 11 dreamed they would find some sexy space women on the moon. Of course we all know sexy space women only live on Mars.

Ok. Sexy is not the right word to be using.

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David W. said...

I thought the sexy space women lived on Venus. You know the whole men are from Mars and women are from Venus thing...

Wow, I'd never guess that Wally Wood had anything to do with the Spacemen cover art. Wally did some great work for Mad.