Sunday, July 19, 2009


Most Sundays I try to post a vintage found snapshot or slide. This time I’m posting a few slides that my Uncle snapped during the live broadcast of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Years before homes had VCRs or DVRs the only way to preserve something from television was to take a photo of the screen.

My good Uncle took five photos. The first is with the flash and it wiped out the screen’s image. (Glad he did use the flash or we would've missed out seeing that nifty portable TV set.)

The next four slides are of the historical moment. The screen shots are kind of dark, but I did my best to try and bring them out of the darkness a bit. Actually, I like the extra static!

This last photo is the same as the first slide, but through the magic of photoshop I’ve inserted one of his screen shots onto the TV screen. Now I can see exactly how it looked when my Uncle witnessed history forty years ago.


Mike Middleton said...

Great find NC!

Martin Powell said...


I watched the Moon lading live, too, and never thought of taking pictures of the tv screen.