Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The newest issue of Robb Zenner’s fantastic cereal and pop culture magazine, Planet-Q is out and is ready for purchase! Just like the past four issues, number five packs a mean pop culture punch in the classic fanzine fashion.

Thirty-eight pages in glorious black & white will entertain and educate the reader about a fun variety of topics. As shown on the color cover, the ‘zine’s main feature is a ten-page history behind the short lived 1970's Ralston cereal, Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs. (One of my favorite cereals from childhood!) Plus you get an interview with animator Dean Yeagle talking about his involvement with Ralston’s animated cereal commercials including Freakies and G&S&G&L.

7-11 Slurpee cup collectors will be happy to know that there’s a three-page checklist gallery of Rock musical performers cups from 1976!

Yours truly has an article about good ol’ Stretch Armstrong and Stretch Monster.

Big time collector Gregg Koenig is interviewed about his cereal and pop culture collection.

As a cereal box & prize collector myself - I really enjoy hearing about other collector’s finds and success stories. Robb devotes a few pages to some amazing discoveries in the cereal collecting hobby, picturing many never before seen boxes.

Mikal Vollmer, of Topher’s Castle fame returns with his Magic Q Ball article predicting which current cereal boxes in grocery store shelves will remain collectible years later.

The ‘zine ends with a letters page and Q’s News.

For information how to get your very own copy, click here. Robb also sells excellent reproduction cereal boxes with hundreds of classic boxes to choose from. Info can be found here or in this current issue of Planet-Q.

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