Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Go ahead and feel free to make ZZZZT ZZZZT sounds with your mouth as you view some Vegas neon.

The neon at the El Cortez looks the same as it did in 1941.

The horse and rider from the extinct Hacienda Casino keeps on riding thanks to the work by the Neon Museum.

Sign abstract of the Golden Gate Casino. Did you know this casino used to be named Sal Sagev in the 1930's? Yeah, that’s Las Vegas backwards.

Hunka hunka burnin’ love! This is one of the oldest wedding chapels in Vegas.

This might be a bird’s eye view of how a drunk sees Las Vegas. I kinda like how this “mistake” of a photo turned out.

The first lady snapped this awesome sign abstract of the martini shaped Red Barn sign.

Looks like Strickfaden could have designed this neon spiral that sits atop the Imperial Palace. “It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!”

Detail of a giant neon martini glass that could easily be from the world of Tron.

Neon milk does the body good! Sign abstract from the Anderson Dairy mascot sign. You can view Andy Anderson on the sidebar.

A poor showgirl frozen forever in a block of neon ice!

A Silver Slipper sign clone. I'm afraid we didn't have time to visit the real one. Click here to view a Silver Slipper from Branson, MO.

The more I look at this slipper, it looks like the head of a Tyrannosaurs Rex with a major underbite. Kinda like one of those dinosaur heads on a stick toy.

Binion’s is so bright, you gotta wear shades!

Another look at the historic El Cortez.

We finish with a close-up view of good ol' Vegas Vic.

If you enjoyed these last two posts, you might take a gander at my two Las Vegas flickr sets - Modern Las Vegas Photos and Vintage Vegas (old stuff we’ve collected).

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