Saturday, February 25, 2012


This rare spice tin from the small town of Lebanon, Missouri, co-starred with Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, a Prince Albert tobacco tin and a Pepto-Bismol bottle in the animated movie, Rango

The image above shows the Meteor spice tin doing a fine acting job as the watchtower.    

Naturally, the watertower was made from a Thyme spice tin.  Get it?  

Meteor Spice Tin

Flickr user and eagle eye *Julia brought the Rango appearance to my attention in the comments section for the above flickr photo.  This Ginger Meteor spice tin has been in my collection for years and has become one of my more popular flickr photos.  Seeing a real shooting star is much more common than finding a Meteor spice tin, but they do surface once in awhile.  (I just did an ebay search and sure enough a seller has one for sale but the auction ends tonight.)  

Here's a great split second view and the only time the Meteor logo can be seen.  You can catch this scene towards the end of the movie.  Hmm...I wonder if my Meteor spice tin flickr image inspired the designer(s) of the Rango town or did they find their own Meteor spice tin to draw from?        

Now this is interesting!  When I visited the official Rango movie website, I noticed another tin from my collection has a Rango connection! Not seen in the actual movie, but only on the website and in the general store, are some Sprinkle-Kleen Carpet Cleaner cans.  Wow, I've never seen another Sprinkle-Kleen can before and I can't find any images on the internet except for the one I have on flickr. 

Sprinkle-Kleen Carpet Cleaner Can

Maybe it's just a coincidence that Rango made use of two rare items found in my flickr photostream

Rango was one of my favorite movies from last year and I'll be rooting for them to win best animated movie at this year's Academy Awards.  Maybe the Meteor spice tin will win for best inanimate object!  

----Bonus Meteor photos----     

Here's a rare all cardboard Meteor spice box.  I'm guessing not too many of these survived.  This one belongs to my brother, an item I gifted him long ago.  

Below is a a smaller 1oz tin that my friend paperpayline sold on ebay last year.  


Glen Mullaly said...

I dunno, I could go either way on this. But I do suspect that a lot of our images from Flickr get used for things like this without us ever finding out.

Either way it's still cool(ville)!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I love the great design work that you discover.

Todd Franklin said...

Glen - Yeah, our images seem to go and have a life of their own. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Luckily this was one of the good ones.

Cal - Thanks a bunch!