Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ok, I know this has been out for two years now and that most of you probably own this DVD and have seen this remarkable film, but in case just one of you have not noticed it yet, this is your introduction to one of the best things I’ve seen all year.

I guess you could say I’m a johnny-come-lately, a slow poke or a late bloomer since I just saw Flip for the first time this year and I’m glad that Kirk Demarais the creator of this amazing short film introduced me to himself and to Flip in the comments on this very blog!

The film is about Flip, a 60's kid who just got a whole dollar from his Grandma and he has to spend it wisely. Of course Flip does the right thing and looks over the ads out of a comic book and orders something so monstrous, so terrifying, and so diabolical that he might just rule the world or at least find protection against bullies.

I was really impressed that a group of talented guys and gals got together and made a quality film with limited resources that works on every level of how a film should be. The small details probably impress me the most as they put you in Flip’s world and makes this little tale so believable!

The DVD itself is buckets of fun as the menu and titles just pop off the screen and talk about your bonus features! Flip has five audio commentaries that are informative and fun, especially the one with Landen Knowlton, the kid who plays Flip. The Making of Flip is an adventure in itself and should cause many a wannabe filmmakers to pick up their cameras and start shooting. There’s even a trailer for the faux b-movie Revenge of the Robot Beast that you’ll believe was really from the 50's!

You’ll become eight years old again while you watch this nostalgic film about the innocence of childhood when we easily believed most everything and our dreams were bigger than anything.

This definitely should be in your DVD library and to order it for the cheap price of only $7.50, visit the fine folks over at Spooklight Productions and they’ll set you up with your very own copy!!

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