Tuesday, May 13, 2008


While flipping thru and old issue of Family Circle magazine (May 19, 1978), I found this cool or should I say super t-shirt iron-on! Watch out bad and mean people because here comes Super Kid! No one has seen Super Kid for almost 30 years and now he’s returned thanks to the magic of a scanner. (Iron-On designed by Richard Blinkoff)

Now for some fun, click on the scan and print it out on some of that special t-shirt iron-on printer paper and you too, can be a Super Kid!

Also, my pal Jason Liebig has started a fun group over on Flickr that celebrates vintage t-shirt iron-ons, patches and pinback buttons. Check it out and keep on truckin’.


Mike Middleton said...

Wow NC. All those great books and mags you have and you're flipping through Family Circle? Are you feeling OK? Nice iron-on by the way!!

Karswell said...

Do you know if they make one for Super Grandpas?

Sweet Repose said...

Cool blog...love the educated horses...too funny.