Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I wanted the hat like the “MAN WITH THE HAT!”

 I was sort of like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, but instead of an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200 shot range model BB gun. I wanted the official Indiana Jones Stetson 100% wool fedora hat! It was better than a BB gun since I wouldn’t shoot my eye out, like I almost did with my bullwhip. (See the above Raiders of the Lost Nerd post)

Stetson put out the hat sometime after Temple of Doom in 1984 and I think I finally got mine sometime in 1985. Stetson made a bunch of other fedora hats with the Indiana Jones label that were different colors and styles. They even made a Panama Jack style. I don’t think Indiana would be caught dead in a Panama Jack hat!

The label inside.

The hat came with a nifty brass logo pin, which resembles an old 1930s radio premium. Something that a kid could have sent away for using cereal boxtops.

I'm afraid I wasn’t much of an adventurer as I didn’t wear my Indy hat that often and instead kept it displayed on a bookshelf most of the time.

-----Update 3/5/2013-----
I just found the original paper tag that I got with my hat! I found it tucked away in my paperback copy of The Making of Return of the Jedi! Thankfully I used it for a bookmark and it was saved!


Joanne said...

Ohmigod, dude! I just looked in my closet and I still have that hat! Logo and all! Mine is lovingly worn - I didn't let my gender stop me from dressing as Indiana Jones on Halloween back in the day.

Todd Franklin said...

Joanne - Did you ever post a photo of your well loved Indy hat?

K0dama said...

I didn't! The logo has since fallen off, but I still have it ... somewhere :) I'll have a look for it!