Monday, June 23, 2008


I was going thru my stack of old Bantha Tracks, the newsletter from the Official Star Wars Fan Club and found the sketch that I did for the club’s 1983 Creativity Contest.

Apparently my first choice was Yoda.

For some reason I gave up on Mr. Big Ears and switched to the loveable little Ewok, known as Wicket. My usual art choices were monsters and spaceships, so I’m not sure why I decided on a cute Ewok. My mom and grandma loved Ewoks and they probably had an influence with my choice. I mailed in the original, so here’s a poor quality Xerox copy of The Courageous Ewok.

Looking at this now I can see why this drawing never had a chance at winning. Besides being just an average kid drawing I didn’t do anything original as I used the fan club photo of Wicket as reference.

I should have drawn the Rancor eating Oola or Boba Fett trapped in the belly of the Sarlacc. At least those would’ve been more fun and exciting!

Don't forget to keep on looking for all those old kid drawings and snapshots from back in the day when every kid on the block was into all things Star Wars. Once you find them upload them to flickr and add them to the group Growing Up Star Wars!


Glen Mullaly said...

Cool! Despite my love of drawing I wasn't big into mail-in art contests. So although a member of the SWFC I didn't enter this one. Of course by this point my love of Star Wars had begun to fade with my massive disappointment of Return of the Jedi. My Grandmother had taken my best friend and I over to Vancouver on the ferry to see it opening day, but I wasn't impressed.

Anonymous said...

How cool! I entered the contest in 1983, and won in the audio category, and then won the grand prize. I still have my piece of the Millenium Falcon - the prize. Cool to see that someone else remembers the contest.
Nikki Courtney