Friday, June 27, 2008



Just this past Wednesday I decided to break out of my recluse ways and step into the sunshine for a day of flea marketing. After all it was my birthday and I didn’t want to stare at the computer screen or dig thru boxes of junk in the basement on my day. So what the heck - I left Neato Coolville in search of some new junk. I just had to be back in time for the first lady to wine and dine me along with a night of mini-golf and skee-ball!

I was blessed on b-day, ‘cause I scored on some cool stuff. Like this 1970's Peter Pan Peanut Butter jar that is still full. Now I just need to find some 30-year-old bread and jelly and I could have myself some antique PB&J sandwiches. Yummy!

I like the graphics on this old BiOrell fish flakes tin. I guess you could call that fish a Pac-Man fish!

This K-Mart Instant Chocolate Mix box might’ve been bought during a blue light special back in the day.

No clue where this fun little souvenir dinosaur came from but I had to pick him up.

I love old travel brochures and I got a nice big stack of ‘em.

The best item of the bunch is this signed letter by John Glenn - the Mercury Astronaut and former U.S. Senator. The signature is real signed with a felt tip pin.

It was good day for this birthday bum and a nice evening thanks to my better half even tho she beat me at mini-golf : )


Mike Middleton said...

Nice Glenn find NC!

Glen Mullaly said...

Great stuff! A lucky man to find all that and mini-golf in the same day!

Karswell said...

Man I love that old Peter Pan jar design, I totally remember the days when Pan could have been either a boy or a girl, although here he's obviously a she. If only packaging would go back to nice simple lettering styles too, the font on "golden roasted" is one of my favorites.

I totally remember the BiOrell fish design too, you scored some amazing finds... I'm an equal sucker for old brochures, we should compared our collections someday.

And happy birthday again!

Kirk D. said...

Here's hoping those neato brochures turn into some neato blog posts!

Anonymous said...
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