Thursday, October 06, 2011


If only this book would have been published a few years later than 1974.

Monster Mix: Puzzles and Pastimes for Monster Lovers is a book that I missed out on when I was a kid. I recently picked this copy up at a thrift store just in time for the Halloween countdown.

Published by Xerox Education and written and illustrated by Barbara Seuling.

Each page has ghastly goodies that any monster loving kid would flip over.

Here’s a few sample pages for your Halloween trick or treat bag. My favorite is either the wild looking cyclops or the vampire girl. Of course the Wolfman that desperately needs a haircut and shave is a good one too.

Barbara Seuling is an accomplished children’s book writer and illustrator and is probably best known for her book, How to Write a Children’s Book and Get It Published. You can visit her website here. The University of Southern Mississippi retains some of Barbara’s original artwork and manuscripts. which includes items from Monster Mix. She donated loads of material from her work ranging between 1974 to 1998. The link to the list can be found here.


Steven A. said...

I've had that book since I was a kid and it was only just recently that I realized that's the head, neck and shoulders of a zombie-like monster on the cover and not some tentacled octopus man crawling over wavy green hillsides.

Anonymous said...

The cyclops it the best thing ever! I can't stop looking at it. I would have loved to have had this book, too. This is just the kind of thing I used to order from Scholastic Books and I was a big monster fan.