Friday, October 14, 2011



Recently, I found a true to life alien creature and he's orange with a spring body. He was living inside a showcase at an antique mall and when I spotted the little fellow, I knew I had to rescue him. After plunking some bucks down on the counter, this E.T. became the newest resident of Neato Coolville.

He's such a happy little alien with a lots of pep and a spring in his step! Here he is getting his groove on -

Really, I'm not sure where he originally came from. My guess was Planet Slinky, but I kinda doubt that. He probably came to our planet in the 1960's to live on car dashboards. He's not branded with any markings, so until he learns to talk, I may never know.

Has anyone out there seen any of his kind before?

You might be wondering what this little guy has to do with Halloween. Well...he is an alien and he is orange. I think those two reasons are good enough.

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Zootsuitmama said...

Love it AND he's ORANGE!!