Thursday, October 27, 2011


A couple of months ago my big brother found a bunch of his old kid books. After I agreed to a dutch rub and a couple of noogies, he let me borrow the spooky ones. You see, I sacrificed for all you neato readers just so that you can reminisce about these books from the 1970s. For your enjoyment, here's the cover scans and a few select interior pages.

Click on the image above and save it for a ghostly desktop wallpaper.

Who remembers watching Walt Disney's The Mystery of Dracula's Castle starring Johnny Whitaker? I'm sure I was right there in front of the Zenith watching this with my brother and our dog, but I have no memory of it. This really needs to be released on DVD. Until then we have the paperback!

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Tom said...

I remember watching Mystery at Dracula's Castle when it first aired on Disney. I lead me to seek out the book in later years and also a dvd capture of the movie. Todd, if you want me to get you a copy, drop me a line at my blog