Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Misfit Toy Stats
Name - Rootin Tootin Lil Ducky
Type of Misfit - Inappropriate
Age - 60 years
Origin - Manufactured
Height - 3"
Demeanor - Trigger happy

Yippee-ki-yay plastic ducky! Our fourth misfit toy suffers from Inappropriate Time Displacement or better known as I.T.D. If something is branded I.T.D, it means that it was acceptable in a past era but not in the current era. (I totally just made that up!) Rootin Tootin Lil Ducky comes from the 1950s during the TV cowboy craze. So many toy companies were trying to cash in and added six-shooters where six-shooters didn't belong. I don't think a pistol packing Easter duck would fly as a toy for kids in today's market.

 I found Ducky in the bottom of a box of old junk that I purchased at an auction many years ago. I can't remember what was in the box that caught my eye to make me bid. It certainly wasn't Ducky as I didn't know he was in there. He was a nice surprise even though he was missing one six-shooter and his red base was chipped. He's from a famous line of holiday candy containers made by Rosbro. Originally he would have been glued onto a little plastic cart pulled by a lamb or chicken. For whatever reason he jumped the cart and never looked back.

Before he came to join our band of misfit toys, Rootin Tootin Lil Ducky was kind of a rogue. A journeyman. His only friends were his beret and six-shooter. Don't let that cute face fool you, 'cause apparently he has a past. A past filled with meanness and regret. Now he's moved on and found a home. Don't ask, because he doesn't talk about his rough-and-ready past.

Hopefully he's found peace with the other misfits. Oh and don't worry about his six-shooter, it's not loaded.

Check back tomorrow for misfit toy #5. 

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Tom said...

From what I heard, none of the other toys in the box with him are ever rooting for his tooting. 'Nuff said.