Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Misfit Toy Stats
Name - Farley the Whale
Type of Misfit - Homemade
Age - 50+ years 
Origin - Handmade
Height - 7"
Demeanor - Nervous

Here's Farley the Whale, our third misfit toy of the 12 days of Christmas. I found Farley many years ago for sale in an antique mall. He was stuck in a showcase with that nervous expression frozen on his face just hoping someone would take him home. Sorry, Charlie! I didn't want to buy him at the time. I always keep my misfit toy budget very low and Farley must have been too expensive. I usually visited that antique mall a couple of times a year and I'd always spot Farley still stuck in that showcase. Year after year, I'd say hello to Farley, but keep on walking. I guess no one wanted poor Farley. Finally one day Farley's price tag was slashed. I can't remember how much he was, but apparently it was a deep enough discount to add Farley to the misfit toy group.

I think Farley the Whale was intended by the crafter to be a tuna instead. He's really a poor man's Charlie the Tuna, complete with glasses and a little hat. Farley is a sharper dresser than Charlie as you can see by his sporty yellow polka-dotted tie. He is hand carved and hand painted. Really, Farley probably isn't the best toy for children because of his thick coat of lead-based paint. I don't see teeth marks, so thankfully he wasn't a baby's chew toy.  

Also, Farley can't stand up on his own. He simply just flops over on his back. Poor, poor Farley.

Farley is kind of shy too. So I guess that's it for this misfit toy. Check back tomorrow for misfit number four.

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TwoHeadedBoy said...

He's beautiful, and I'm glad you finally gave him a home.